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After Hours receptionist


Being available to your parents and stakeholders has never been more important. Parents will expect you to be available, on a range of social media, as well as by text and telephone. All of these aspects cost time and money, usually in the form of staff. We offer a range of services to enable you to get on with the day to day running of your school without having to worry about whether people feel connected.

Telephone receptionist.

Employing someone to answer the phone, outside of school hours, is not a cheap solution to staying in touch. We can answer your phone, with your school name, until 5.30pm each and every day (except Bank Holidays). It can easily cost £20-£25 an hour to employ someone to do this in school. That’s £100-£150 per week and £400-£500 a month for an extra hour phone availability. Over the 39 weeks of school that is a cost, to you, of between £3900 and £5850 a year and that’s if your staff are on term time only contracts.

Our receptionist package: you can switch over your phones to our service, at any time. Whole school inset day? We will answer the phone. August 5th? We will answer the phone. 5.15pm on a Friday and a parent calls saying their child has not arrived home, we will answer the call and inform you of the details.

How does it work? 

1. We will provide you with the ability to forward your calls to a number we answer. 

2. Your school name will appear on our phones and so our staff will answer it with your school name. 

3. We will take the details of the call and email them to the person designated by you.

4. If there is any fear of a child protection issue our staff will follow the proceedure you specify. It could be a call to your mobile, a text or an email, you choose.

5. Your stakeholders will have no idea the call has been forwarded, it will just appear that you are more contactable.


We offer a variety of packages and discounts for new and existing customers

Standard Prices

Existing Customer Prices (Single Service)

Existing Customer Prices (Multiple Service)


Packages coming soon in the mean time give us a call on 0844 801 99 66 to find out more about our package offers.

Packages coming soon in the mean time give us a call on 0844 801 99 66 to find out more about our package offers.

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